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Our Social Media Philosophy

Our Social Media Philosophy

I recently took to Twitter after becoming frustrated with our ISP. After becoming frustrated with their social media approach, it made me realize why our approach was different. Garage Flooring LLC staff and ownership are actively involved in out Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media activities. We view our social media presence a way to communicate WITH our customers not AT our customers. Hence the following Tweet and Google+ posts.


If Social Media does not allow the customer to communicate directly with the company it is just another glorified form of advertising dressed up as communication. It does absolutely nothing for the customer except bombard them with more and more advertising.

On the contrary if social media provides a fast, efficient and targeted way for the customer to communicate with sales, support and even management, it becomes a public and efficient method of answering questions and resolving issues.

When we receive a Facebook message, Facebook post, or we are tagged in any Social Media platform, Justin personally reviews and if appropriate responds to the post. Why? That is how it should be! If someone takes the time to reach out to Garage Flooring LLC via Social Media and it is not a solicitation, they deserve a quick response from someone in authority.

That is our approach. I am not saying it is the end all and be all of social media policies, but it works for us and allows me to communicate with our customers!


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