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FAQ: Homebrite Park N’ Place 77103 With Hazard Lighting

FAQ: Homebrite Park N’ Place 77103 With Hazard Lighting

FAQ: Homebrite Park N’ Place 77103 With Hazard Lighting

stop-sign-frontChad recently asked some questions about the Park “N Place 77103 that we see on a regular basis. We wanted to answer his questions and some of the others that come up on a regular basis.

If you have a question you need an answer to email Justin@garageflooringllc.com and it just might be the subject of our next blog.

Does only the hazard unit flash?

The Hazard unit (77103) can be set to flash when it is bumped as a parking aid or it can be set to flash continuously as hazard lighting. The 77104 (SUV) has the same exact function.

In short all the units flash when bumped but the 77103 and 77104 units can be set to flash continuously.

What height is the standard vs SUV version?

77103 Back

Click to Enlarge

The 77103 (Hazard) unit has a sign/pole height of 46″. The base is 12″x12″ The 77104 has the 12″x12″ base but has a height of 62″

Where is the battery?  Is it replaceable?

The battery is located on the rear of the stop sign and is easily removed using a small Philips screwdriver. We have included a picture. Note: It actually takes two 1.5V AG-13 batteries.




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  1. John December 9, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Is the Park N Place 77103 safe to use outside the garage? We need to use this outside the garage door in the weather. Is the unit weatherproof enough for long term outside use?

    1. Justin Krauss December 11, 2014 at 8:22 am


      Great question. The product is designed for short term use in an emergency situation but is not designed for outside use on a permanent basis. Eventually the unit will fail.

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