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How to Repair a TruContain®

How to Repair A TruContain®

containment mat The TruContain® has performed exceptionally well under normal conditions. We bring in very large quantities of the product and to date we are only aware of one customer who has torn the mat. We know of no customers that have had to replace the edging. We checked with the manufacturer and we wanted to give you the best overview on how-to make these repairs.

How To Repair Rips or Tears in a TruContain®

In the rare occurrence that you manage to tear a TruContain®, they have tested  simple repair method using a readily available patch.  There are two acceptable methods, with the second being the ‘best practice’ and the first being acceptable.

Option 1:

The first option is to simply wipe down the affected area with rubbing alcohol (on top of the mat). Wipe down an area that is larger than the patch to be used. Let the alcohol dry and apply a Tear-Aid Type B Patch. You can find the product on Amazon or give us a call at 800-956-4301 and we have a limited amount available here that we can ship out for you.

Option 2:

Follow the same procedure as option one. This time clean and apply the patch to both sides of the TruContain® mat.

How to Repair Damaged Edging

Why do have slitsWhile we have never had a customer with this complaint, the manufacturer does have a procedure for replacing the edging. If your mat is out of warranty and you need to repair a section of edging, here is what we would do.

Pull the foam out of the affected side of the mat through the slit on the underside. Replace the foam with a piece of garden hose.

IMPORTANT: If your mat is less than a year old and you have an issue, it is important that you contact the manufacturer before attempting any repairs.



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