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Installing 3 or More G-Floor Mats

DIY TIP: Installing 3 or more G-Floor Mats

Roll Out G-Floor MatsG-Floor garage floor mats from Better Life Technology expand and contract. Most everything does. Instructions have always talked about leaving room for expansion and contraction. One often overlooked is that if you are installing three or more mats, the middle mat has no place to go, even if there is room left around the outer two. In the right set of circumstances this can cause rippling.

Garage Flooring LLC recently discussed the issue with a Supervisor at Better Life Technology. She offered a great explanation and we thought we would share it with you.

G-Floor has a natural expansion and contraction property that is inherent in the material, and it must be allowed to have that movement capability.  When a mat is surrounded on both edges and seams are taped so as not to allow it to expand under or over the neighboring mat, the material has no where to go when it expands other than to create ripples.  In a situation with three mats next to each other, the mats should not be taped and should overlap slightly, or if you want a more finished look center trim (which does allow for expansion and contraction) is a good alternative.  Additionally, make sure the outer edges are trimmed approximately ½” away from the walls or stationary objects to allow the outer mats room to expand and contract as well.  If the seam tape method of installation is selected, it may cause ripples.

Here is a recent installation video and a link to some other installation options


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