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Where the industry is going

Where is The Garage Flooring & Storage Industry Going

Custom Imaged FlooringWhen you are in an industry, there are two options: You can wait and see where the industry is going and try and get there faster than everyone else or you can help drive the destination. Since we are not the manufacturer of many of the products we sell, our innovation is often how those products are presented, or in some cases working with manufacturers to bring new products to market.

When I first got into this industry over a decade ago, everything was new and everything was innovative. Today you have a lot of people selling the same products with a different spin. I wanted to offer you a little insight into tomorrow — and in some cases you can buy tomorrow’s products today. Tomorrow’s garage will only be limited by your imagination!

When you look at the homes we live in we have maximized and customized every product and every square inch of space. From bathrooms that rival high-end spas to kitchens that practically clean themselves our homes are full of innovation. My goal is to bring that same innovation into the garage.

In the past, the look of garage flooring was limited to a select number of colors and patterns. Sure you could purchase some modular tiles and make a pattern, but you were limited to working with the same basic building blocks as everyone else. Today the industry is moving towards a completely customizable floor. At this point it is still only for the high-end customer, but like everything else, volume will bring it into the average consumers price range. While ‘common thinking’ says “would you like that in gray or black?” New technology means if you can design the image large enough, we can make your floor look that way.

In the past, containment mats were fixed sizes and had little flexibility. One of our suppliers recently finished the first (that we are aware of) single piece double car garage containment mat, with a hole for the drain in the middle. Need one? Call us and we can make it for you! Soon you will be able to select the width and length of the containment mat you want, and it will be made to order here in the USA.

In the past, you had to make your own garage shelving units or conform to what ‘the industry’ told you to get. The Garage Rackâ„¢ changes that. The product line is complete and is being added as we speak. The Garage Rackâ„¢ will be the size you want, with the number of shelves you want and will be stationary or mobile, depending on what you want. Have a narrow garage, We will make you 18″ steel shelving units. Need to store large heavy items? How about 36″ deep, 72″ wide units that will take over 800 pounds per shelf.

Today, the industry is primarily “this is what we have, which one would you like?” Tomorrow, the garage flooring industry and the garage storage industry will be “what would you like? We will build it!

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