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G-Floor Overlap Questions

Questions About Overlap on G-Floor

This article remains live for historical purposes. New G-Floor products do not have an overlap flap. Older clearance 10′ material will likely still have an overlap flap. Please confirm prior to ordering.

How to Overlap G-FloorWe get a lot of questions about the ‘overlap flap’ on the G-Floor garage floor mats. We thought we would take a second to clear them up. We have discussed this with the manufacturer to make sure that all of this information is current as of 10/28/2014.

What Products Have the Overlap Flap

ONLY The original coin and ribbed patterns in 10′ wide material will have the overlap. It is not available in narrower widths or other patterns.

When Should the Overlap Flap be Used

The overlap method of installation is a great way to combat expansion and contraction issues. The floor can simply be rolled out to fit. No glue, tapes * or adhesives are used. As the temperature changes, the material can expand and contract.

* We have used a piece of double-sided acrylic tape on the overlap after the floor is fully acclimated. It worked very well, but any time you secure a portion of the floor and leave the other part as a floating floor, you increase the risk for expansion and contraction issues.

Center Strip & Overlap Flap Alternative

If you are joining two mats together, you can put the overlap flap into the center strip. Some customers prefer this look and the floor can still freely expand and contract.

How Big is The Overlap Flap

Although there is some fluctuation, generally speaking the smooth portion of the mat is about 2″ . It can be less or more in any given run. It is included in the width of the roll. The entire roll will still be 120 inches — with the smooth portion.

Can Products Without The Overlap Flap be Overlapped?

Yes. But keep in mind that it is going to be at least twice as thick in that area. It would not be our first choice and could result in other issues.

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