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How Important Is The Locking System on a Garage Floor Tile

How Important Is The Locking System on a Garage Floor Tile

True Lock And MotorMat Locking Systems

In the world of hard plastic garage floor tiles, the locking system is incredibly important. How do you think the name TrueLock came about? Let’s face it. Most of the products are made from the same basic raw materials, and they are all designed to do the same thing. If you weld on them, they will all melt, and if you beat them with a hammer (yes we tried), they will all dent. The locking system is what keeps the tile together, and it is what keeps them from separating when you drive on it.

There are a lot of cheap tiles from China with terrible locking systems. However, we would love to sell a tile for $2.00 / Sq.Ft. , we are not willing to take the risk of quality.

On the other end, there are claims of ‘patented’ locking systems from one major manufacturer that in our opinion, are a little exaggerated. The same basic locking system has been used by modular tile manufacturers for decades. Each has its own little twist, but in at least two cases, you can take two ‘fierce competitors’ and lock their tiles together.

We have deliberately worked with multiple manufacturers so we are not tied to one. This means that we do not have to claim ‘this brand is the best’ because we offer more than one. Every brand has a place. We have gone to several manufacturers so that we can offer you the best fit at each and every price point. We are committed to telling you how it is and what will work best for you.

Best Locking Systems

  • RaceDeck tiles have the best locking systems around. While the TrueLock Flowthrough tile is equivalent to free flow, RaceDeck is superior to all other garage tiles. The question is do you need Racedeck grade garage floor tiles? In most cases, the answer is no.
  • TrueLock HDXT are, in our opinion, the best tiles for the buck. The locking system is the same as the free-flow tile, but the cost is substantially less than Racedeck.
  • Truelock HD is a close runner-up.
  • Truelcok standard utilizes more locks to get close to the tiles above.
  • Where you start to see weak licking systems are in the overseas imposters that look similar to our product. The locks are not as strong, and the tiles themselves are often thinner.

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