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Why Vendors and Manufacturers are Choosing Garage Flooring LLC

Garage Flooring LLCGarage Flooring LLC is a customer and employee centered company but we offer tremendous benefits to the manufacturers and suppliers we work with. For products that have already established a reputation, we offer a safe way to build market share online. While there are many online retailers only interested in a quick buck, our reputation is built on being a real company, with real staff, dedicated to assisting our customers. Our staff learns the ins and outs of a product so they can discuss it intelligently with the customer — and we never use call centers. We also re-brand and private label products with manufacturers that are concerned about competing with their traditional market.

For manufacturers with new or emerging markets or for those who want to take an existing product and re-market it to the DIY garage consumer, we offer a level of exposure that is second to none. Given accurate product information and imagery, we can provide virtual instant access to consumers via our website and millions of additional consumers through our third-party partners and integrations.

For those who chose not to do business with the big box stores — our favorite kind of manufacturer — securing partnerships with e-commerce companies that can negotiate search engine results becomes a major concern. For competitive products, the large retail outlets often dominate the top ten listings regardless of content. In those situations we have the ability to leverage our third-party partners while still maintaining control over pricing and even inventory.

One example is a product that is manufactured overseas (a very small percentage of what we sell). They keyword phrase is dominated by chemical companies and others. We were able to secure the listing with a major third-party who almost instantly took over the number one position of the most important keyword. We were then able to fill those orders via our inventory, the manufacturers inventory and even using their third part fulfillment services. This strategy has brought this new product from relative obscurity to one of our best sellers and has helped the manufacturer build its business.

At the end of the day, for us to sell a product it needs to be good for the customer, good for the manufacturer, good for us as a company and good for our staff. If a product does not meet all four of those criterion, any success it sees will be strictly temporary.


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