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Tire on Snow mat

How to contain melting snow this winter?

How to contain melting snow from my car and truck this winter?

Tell me if this sounds familiar. It is so cold outside you spit freezes before it hits the ground and it is snowing like crazy. Your car, truck, or if you have a large family like me, your SUV is caked with snow and ice and the last thing you want to do is park it in the driveway. If you pull into the garage, which feels like Florida by contrast, it’s all going to melt, run all over the place, and destroy boxes of clothes and Christmas decorations. Am I close?

There are a lot of solutions to the problem and the best solution depends on your personal needs. Two of the better solutions we have found are the G-Floor ribbed garage floor mats, and the TruContain ®.

The TruContain ® product has edges designed to keep water, snow, slush, and mud on the mat and off your floor. The ribbed mats have small channels that are designed to keep liquids from flowing all over your garage. The ribbed product can be installed wall to wall or just under the car. The TruContain ® products are typically installed just under the car.

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