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How do I Create a Workout Area in the Garage

How do I Create a Workout Area in the Garage

gym flooring for fitness centersThe question of creating a workout area in the garage came up (again) on one of the forums we frequent. The garage is becoming so much more than just a garage and the question of how to make the most out of the space you have is coming to the forefront.

When it comes to the idea of building a gym in your garage, there is really one major question you need to answer before you proceed. Where are you going to park your car? Click on the sentence below that best describes you.

I am not going to park my car in the garage at all.

If you are truly converting your garage from a place to park to a place to workout, interlocking rubber tile is definitely the best option. TrueLock rubber tiles are the same tiles you can purchase under a major national brand at a fraction of the price. They are made in the USA and are substantially higher quality and lower odor than most competitors. Have a look at this video.

I am not going to park my car where I workout and I am not worried about the rest of the garage

TrueLock rubber tiles are still the best option for you. Have a look at this video. I would install the rubber tiles in the area of your home gym. You can do something in the rest of the garage if you need to later.

I am not going to park my car where I workout and I AM worried about the rest of the garage

This becomes an interesting problem. You have two basic options. The first option to treat them like two completely separate areas. Install the Garage Flooring of your choice in all of the garage, except the area where you are going to have your gym. In the gym area install the TrueLock rubber tiles . The upside of this option is you get to pick the best flooring for your needs in each area. The downside of this option is you have what appears to be two completely different floors. One way to get the best of both worlds is to use TrueLock Plus tiles in the main garage area and Rubbertrax in the workout area. If you use the same tile, the change will not be easily noticeable.

The other option is to cover the whole floor with a single multipurpose product. We cover that option in the next section.

I need to be able to park my car, work out, change a tire and drink a beer all in what little space I have.

There are a lot of options. We have had customers use the G-Floor small coin product and even the G-Floor levant product. While both those options can work, we believe Norsk Tile is the best solution for this application.

While traditional polypropylene tiles are rigid and unforgiving, Norsk Tile provides considerably more give than even its other PVC counterparts. The patented design deals with common issues like noise, ease of installation and allowing the substrate to dry if it gets wet.

The product has been proven in the garage environment, but the unique design offers a distinct advantage. It puts up with weights being dropped on it, has better anti fatigue qualities and is just quieter than the average floor.

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