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Is Your Car Ready for the Cold Snowy Weather

Is Your Car Ready for the Cold Snowy Weather?

Here is a list of ways to prep your car for the cold snowy season.

CarsOur resident car enthusiast gives you some of her insights into what she does to keep her car running well in the winter.

  1. Check your battery. Cold weather is tough on batteries. It takes a lot more to start your car in colder weather. Just make sure your battery is good to go.
  2. Check your tires. Your tires are very important in any weather, so make sure you have good tread to help with the traction on those slippery roads. Also you would want to check your tire pressures. The colder it is the more you will lose pressure.
  3. Check your fluids. The fluids in your car can get thicker in the winter. Make sure they are topped off and looking clean. Also this is a big reason on why you want to warm up your vehicle for 10-15 minutes in the cold weather as well. Forcing that thick liquid through can cause an issue later on.
  4. Change out wiper blades. Check to make sure your wiper blades are in good shape. What I do is replace them in the fall and if the ones I took off where still good I store them in my trunk for back up. It’s never fun to replace wipers in the cold and it hurts your hands!
  5. Get a brake check. Checking your brakes is a something that should be done at least once a year, but with icy roads you would not want them to fail. Also another thing to keep in mind, the road salt and sand that they put on the road can cause damage.
  6. Talking about the road salt and sand not being good for vehicles you also want to wash the vehicles every so often to get that off. The sand and salt can eat at the paint and cause rust spots.

I hope this help to get ready for this cold. It is going to be one cold winter!

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