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When It Comes to PVC Tiles NORSK May Be The Best Choice


When It Comes to PVC Tiles NORSK May Be The Best Choice

If you follow Garage Flooring LLC at all, one thing you will be clear on is we have never believed a single product is the best product for each application. We still do not. But, for the majority of our customers we believe NORSK is going to be the best choice going forward — When it comes to PVC Tiles!

In sitting down and meeting with representatives of NORSK and in conference calls with their senior management, one thing became clear: The company is about solving problems.

PVC flooring is traditionally sold as the quieter and more durable alternative to hard plastic tiles. One potential issue with PVC has been drainage. Unlike their hard plastic counterparts, most PVC tiles do not adequately deal with moisture. NORSK was able to patent and Air-Dry system that maintained the strength and integrity of the tile while still allowing water to evaporate. While this is important in all areas, it is especially important in Southern and Coastal areas where moisture may come from below. It is also important in cold and Mountain regions where extreme amounts of water can melt and leak to the concrete floor below.

Value: Quality PVC materials come at a relatively fixed price. In order to reduce the sell price, many manufacturers either have to add in filler material that costs less or reduce the thickness of the tile as a whole. NORSK is 30% thicker than many other products on the market. It is a full 6.5 mm or 1/4 of an inch.

Mushroom Locks have been used in everything from wall and concrete anchors to door knobs. While it may appear to only be a slight variation from the “T” Lock design used my many, the NORSK Mushroom tooth design is strong and interchangeable.  The tiles will not separate when a car tire is turned on them and they have been designed so all four sides are the same. That means less waste. Take a piece of tile cut from one side and use it on the other.

Strength and Flexibility have found a single home. When it comes to a garage floor, people want a floor that feels like rubber underfoot and wears like iron. There are plenty of flexible products on the market and plenty of strong ones too. One thing that differentiates NORSK PVC is the ability to offer good anti-fatigue properties while maintaining incredible strength. Feels great to walk on, but is more than tough enough to drive a fork lift on. That’s the NORSK difference. The product is also tough on UV. All the NORSK products have UV inhibitors so they look great years down the road.

Installation is Not Rocket Science, we save that for product design. Lay them out and tap them together with a rubber mallet. No glue, not even on the edge piece. Need to remove a tile, no problem and there is no need for adhesive or costly floor preparation.






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