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Best Garage Flooring & Garage Storage Products of 2014

Best of 2014Best Garage Flooring & Garage Storage Products of 2014

2014 was a great year for the garage flooring and storage industry. Below are some of my favorite products of the year.

1. G-Floor Small Coin: I love this product so much I put it in my garage. It’s easy to install, attractive and durable. Its heavier than the residential grade products we offer and more affordable than the commercial grade products. It has outstanding traction and we stuck with longer lengths to make sure it would cover the most common garages. Learn More

2. Premium TruContain ® : Since its start, the TruContain ® has been a great idea. It is easy to install, requires no assembly and has held up well. This year, they launched a new version of the mat with higher edges that contain more water. How popular has this product been? We brought in a container of the product and expected it to last 6 months. It did not last 6 weeks. Learn More

3. Ulti-Mate Cabinets: Ultimate garage storage cabinets are hands down our favorite line of garage storage cabinets.

4. NORSK: With the introduction of their garage storage systems and continuous improvement of their PVC garage floor tiles NORSK is truly at the forefront of the industry. We can’t call their tile ‘new’ for 2014, but we are getting ready to launch their slatwall system and it simply the best I have ever seen. Look for it Mid January! Mean time, learn more about their tiles.

Those are my picks for the best of 2014. Of course I continue to recommend overhead storage racks, Hilway Direct Plus and one line that continues to surprise me, Ulti-Mate Garage Storage cabinets.

There is an updated article for the current year. We highly suggest the HDXT line of rigid garage floor tiles

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