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Should I Use Garage Floor Paint

Should I Use Garage Floor Paint

failed paint-OptimizedParaphrasing a question I get a lot:

Justin, I have a garage floor and I want to coat it with something. Garage floor epoxy systems appear to be really expensive and we are on a tight budget. Should I just use a garage floor paint and perhaps even upgrade later?

You can walk into almost any hardware store, home center or paint store and buy some inexpensive garage floor paint. At one point in my career, I was so caught up on the price these products were being offered at, I decided we should offer them too. What a mistake!

My suggestion would be that you use Rust Bullet urethane based garage floor coating as an alternative to cheap paint or epoxy. You can install the basic system for around 83 cents. Unlike the cheap stuff you will find in the stores, the product works and works well. It is especially effective against hot tire lifting and chemicals found in the garage.

But what is wrong with a good old-fashioned garage floor paint? Everything! First of all, they never cover what they say they are going to cover and you always end up needing multiple coats. Now there is noting wrong with multiple coats, unless you only had one in the budget.

The next issue is the peel, fade and lift from hot tires. They also do not protect the floor as well as our Rust Bullet systems. An often overlooked fact is that once the product fails, you are going to need to completely strip it before you can coat the floor with something else.




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