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How to make Old Rusty Pipes Look New

How to make Old Rusty Pipes Look New

Rusty pipe before rust bulletPerhaps you are finishing a room with exposed pipes or maybe you just want to keep the exterior of rusted pipes from getting worse. The same Rust Bullet product we use on concrete can easily be applied over rusted pipes to improve the appearance and prevent the pipes from getting worse.

Rust Bullet can be applied over interior or exterior pipes and have been used on both residential and commercial applications.

The process is simple. First. if there is loose flakey rust on the pipes, we suggest you use a wire brush and remove it. There is no need to remove all rust, simply rust that is going to flake off.

Trusted pipe repaired with rust bullethen we would suggest using Metal Blast to pre-treat the pipes. You can spray or brush it onto the pipe. Let it sit then rinse it off.

Finally, just add two coats of Rust Bullet. If you like, you can add an additional top coat in one of our attractive, high gloss finishes.

One gallon will cover 400 Square feet. Remember you will need to coat it twice. Figuring out square footage of pipe is not easy. We found this great tool for calculating surface area.





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