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Clear Finish for Concrete and Garage Floors

Clear Finish and Sealer for Concrete and Garage Floors

While some customers want to add color to their garage floor, others are looking for a simply, clear finish to protect their floor. We have options for both, but this post is specific for those customers who are looking to seal their floor with a clear coat.

One option would be to go with an acrylic floor finish specifically designed for concrete. Options include products like the TL8400 which is designed to penetrate and protect concrete floors including garage floors. Acrylic finishes are considered to be sacrificial and will need to be redone from time to time

Another option is to use a high quality, non-yellowing urethane. Our Rust Bullet Clear Shot can be used directly over concrete. In applications where clear coat is going directly over concrete we recommend three to four coats. We also recommend anti-skid in the top coat.

If you are looking for a coating that will not yellow, our Rust Bullet Clear is specifically designed for exterior use and is non-yellowing.

The advantage of using our urethane is they offer a high gloss, permanent coating that is attractive and rock hard.


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