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Why use Garage Flooring? What is The Purpose?

Why use Garage Flooring? What is The Purpose?

diamond-concreteSo my wife comes home with this ‘thing’ to hang on the wall. Knowing my wife she got it at a great deal. Being a man, my first reaction is not how much did it cost, but what does it do? It’s a very natural reaction. When I am talking to friends or other business owners, I get that same question about garage flooring a lot. “Wow that looks nice, but why?”

The truth is, if you have to make a choice between a new clutch for your car or a new garage floor mat, garage flooring is likely not a priority. In many cases though finding an affording and attractive product to cover the concrete makes all the sense in the world. Here are a few reasons why:

Usable Space

My wife and I live in a relatively modest sized home in Fruita, CO. Nothing fancy but a house we really love. Truth is it is probably a little small. We have two kids sharing a bedroom and another in a room that was converted from and office. In our home space is at a premium.

The walls in our garage were already finished. By spending a very small amount of money on some flooring we were able to increase the usable space in our home by 20-25% Frankly it is the cheapest square footage you will ever buy.

Protecting the Concrete

Sometimes we have cars that leak or we do work in a garage that is going to damage the floor or at the very least make it less attractive. Certain types of garage flooring, such as a good coating or mats can offer substantial protection to the slab below.

Safety Concerns & Containment

In some parts of the country we track incredible amounts of moisture into the garage. Garage flooring can help contain that moisture, or in the case of ribbed tiles, keep you up and out of the moisture.

This helps give you a safe and dry place to walk and also makes your floor less slippery. It also helps reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked into the home.

Other Reasons

There are a lot of other reasons people will do garage flooring, but when it comes down to it, most of them can fit into one of the categories above. For example: “I want a mancave” fits into usable space.

Whatever your reason for looking for garage flooring, we have an outstanding selection and a team of individuals dedicated to helping you find the best product for your needs!









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