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Diesel Fuel and Brake Fluid Resistant Coatings?

How do Rust Bullet Concrete Coatings Stand up to Bio Diesel & Brake Fluid?

Rust Bullet Garage Floor Coating in Bio Diesel for 7 YearsI have this ridiculous notion that coatings that are applied in garages, shops and industrial floors should be resistant to the stuff that is used in those areas. Silly right 🙂 Now I have to offer this disclaimer. You know those TV commercials where you see a guy driving his car and doing a ridiculous stunt. Then they tell you ‘Do not attempt.’ Please don’t turn your garage into a brake fluid or diesel fuel swimming pool! Please clean things up that spill on your floor and for heavens sake, please do not attempt to store products that have fumes in a pickle jar 🙂

This is just one more reason we are so impressed with the Rust Bullet line of coatings. The amazing adhesion, lack of prep needed and incredible test results leave us, and hopefully you floored. Remember to check out their ASTM testing summary as well

Here is the story behind the story, then more picture.

I attached a few pics  of the coated panels that have been soaking in Bio-Diesel Fuel since 2007. I tried to get a few different shots, so you can it’s not lifting, and there hasn’t been any coating degradation. Also, the fuel still does not have any cloudiness to it.

We have one that we did for Hot August Nights (big car show here) back in August 2014.  We took a panel and set it in Brake Fluid. It took several weeks for Rust Bullet to start to de-bond from the surface. If you notice in these pics, it may have de-bonded from the surface, but it did not break down the coating. Again, if the coating were to start to break down, the brake fluid would have cloudiness to it. People that saw this at our both at the car show were absolutely floored.

Here are some additional pictures, including the samples that are still sitting in Brake fluid — Since August. Note they did not start to come off in the brake fluid for over two weeks. The diesel fuel samples are still in tact, and they have been there since 2007!

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