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Why TrueLock HD Garage Floor Tiles?

Why TrueLock HD Garage Floor Tiles

FreeFlow 1To say we have gotten a little attention with the changes we have made recently would be a not so slight under-statement. First we had the ‘nerve’ to suggest that there were good garage floor coatings that presented a great alternative to garage floor epoxy. Then we all but completely changed our preferred manufacturer for the TrueLock garage floor tiles. While the original ‘Standard’ Diamond is still available, and all of our products are still around, we have found that when it comes to a rigid garage floor tile (hard plastic made from Polypropylene), we were going to lead with TrueLock HD. Before we get started on why, we want to remind you that TrueLock HD provides you the best garage floor tiles in the industry but keeps the prices LOW. Two tiles under $2.40 and three under $3.

But take price out of the picture for a second. What makes TrueLock HD Tiles better?

Our TrueLock HD tiles are manufactured with 100% pure high impact polypropylene– no fillers here. We want our product to be affordable, but there is a huge difference between affordable tiles and flat out cheap garage floor tile. We excel at the former and refuse to participate in the latter.

The TrueLock HD tiles are designed and manufactured by the plant. The are made entirely in the USA in an ISO quality certified facility.  Do you want to see improvement to our economy. You vote with how you spend your money. We cast our vote! Add to that the simple and proven fact that the American worker makes high quality material you can count on!

Proprietary Consistent high impact co polymer material used to manufacture: I know, get your dictionary out… In simple English, the unique formula used for TrueLock HD and developed by the ‘leading brand’ results in better tiles. Better ingredients make better foods, they also make better products.

Looks are important, but so is function. double tread pattern and our  coin  looks high tech while creating solid slip resistance in the garage environment. What good is an awesome garage if you are afraid to walk on it.

Smart patterns make our products easier to clean. adding the slightest of a radius to a diamond, for example, you still get the looks, but the floor is easier to clean — and roll over.

½ inch thick and built tough! We are not talking a little tough, we are talking about a product  designed to handle vehicle rolling loads in excess of 36,000 lbs. Lets put that in perspective. According to Ford that is more than two fully loaded F250 Super Duty Trucks, Stacked on top of each other!

The top of the tile and its’ performance are important, but what happens underneath is equally important! Our tiles feature a channeled understructure to allow for maximum airflow and evaporation. This means that water does not sit there, it evaporates and does so as quickly as possible.

Larger tiles can be nice, but at the end of the day 12” (even dimension) modules make for easy measuring and design. They are simpler, faster and more efficient. The look of larger tiles is still easy to achieve by laying the tiles in a 2×2 pattern.

When it comes to modular tiles, we have a lock. Wait, actually we have 16, perfectly designed and implemented locks per tile. It is flat out a superior locking system.

Industry best customer service: Got samples? We will send them free! Need help with a layout, we have the tools and the staff. Need expert advice, we are here. The garage industry has become competitive. Price is important, but who are you really buying from? Our management has been in this industry over a decade. Our management pioneered bringing garage flooring to online retailers and not just expensive catalog companies. Big box stores have price. Some expensive ‘all in one’ garage dealers have outstanding service. We have it all!

TrueLock HD tiles can be interlocked with other TrueLock HD tiles for maximum design options. One popular option is ribbed tiles where you park and diamond tiles everywhere else.

The bottom line is this. You can find cheap garage floor tiles almost anywhere today. You can find a handful of quality tiles, and they are generally very expensive. At Garage Flooring LLC we bring you the best modular floor tiles in the business at the guaranteed lowest prices. Its that simple!


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