Garage Floor Coatings in Southern California

Garage Floor Coatings in Southern California

Garage Floor Coatings in Southern California

Rust Bullet Garage FloorThe problem with garage floor epoxy, urethane and other garage floor coatings in California is plain and simple. The good aliphatic urethane products needed to protect an epoxy garage floor simply can’t be shipped there. What you end up with is a clear coat that yellows from the Sun and tires and simply does not perform. It can’t perform. None of the high performance products can be shipped into that market. Until now!

The Garage Journal, a forum dedicated to all things garage is filling up with testimonials about Rust Bullet for Garage Floors. We have multiple projects posted with testimonials. Here are a couple: Project 1, Project 2 The Rust Bullet product is backed with what we believe to be the strongest testing in the industry.

The best part is according to the manufacturer, Rust Bullet is VOC compliant nationwide, including Southern California. Not a watered down version, the original Rust Bullet for garage floors can be used without an issue.

Click here for pricing and information on Rust Bullet

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