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Three Things for a Better Garage Floor Tile Project

Three Tips for a Better Garage Floor Tile Project

Garage Floor Tile Tips

Garage floor tiles have become a hot commodity, and for good reason. They require very little preparation, and installation is a snap. But there are a couple of things that you can do to take the garage tile project from being ‘good’ to being an outstanding project that will exceed what even the professionals do.

Protect your concrete! People misunderstand ‘no prep required’ to mean that they should not do anything to protect their concrete. At the end of the day, cement is the structural part of your garage floor and you need to protect it. Installing the proper densifier and waterproofing product will reduce damage to concrete from freeze-thaw and permanently increase its resistance to abrasion — thereby reducing dusting. We suggest B4 Tile & Mat Prep solution as an affordable way to protect your floor before installing your garage tile.

Lastly, go down to your LOCAL lumberyard or hardware store and purchase a roll or two of synthetic landscape fabric. Cover your entire floor with it, before you install your tile. It will act as a slip sheet between the concrete and your garage floor tile. It will make a tremendous difference in the way your garage ‘sounds’ after you complete your install.

Obviously, we also think you should start with a quality, American garage floor tile like our TrueLock HD tiles from $2.99. But, whatever tile you use, these three tips will make a major difference in your satisfaction with the overall project.

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