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Chris D Rust Bullet Garage Floor

Chris D Rust Bullet Garage Floor

Chris D is a customer of ours who we helped out via The Garage Journal. Chris was excited to see a floor coating system that was easy to install and did not require acid etching or grinding. Originally Chris settled on a white floor. This would require two coats of base and a coat of white. When considering how his floor was to be used he decided he wanted to add some color to hide dirt. He went back and added flake and a clear coat. Chris used the Rust Bullet Garage Floor Coating System

Product rolled on extremely easily. Justin was on the ball when I emailed or called him regarding ANY questions.. I had to email him frantically on a Sunday morning and had a response back within 20 minutes. ( I ran out of clear all my fault) Would I use the product again in lieu of an epoxy solution? Yes, for the climate I applied this in and the garage use that I have, this will be perfect. I detail/basic maint/performance mod installs as this is not a working professional garage, I didn’t think a full blown epoxy solution was warranted! Since performing this project, I’m going to do my parents garage with Rust bullet! If you want a no hassle, no frills install, this is your product. I did not have to worry about extra concrete prep, no grinding, simply take care of oil spills and sweep dry!

I have since recommended Rust bullet to (3) neighbors who came over to check out the project last week. Justin, I need more business cards!! Haha

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