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Hogan’s TrueLock HD Diamond Garage Floor Tile

Black & Alloy TrueLock HD DIamond Garage Floor Tile Side VIewHogan installed his Black and Alloy garage floor tile the same day it arrived. As you can see he did a very simple checkered pattern, using Black and Alloy tiles. The use of an Alloy tile gives you the classic look people want when they select a Black & White floor, without the dirty and hard to clean surface. He used TrueLock HD Diamond Garage Floor Tiles

TrueLock HD Diamond garage floor tiles feature a stylish and functional ‘double diamond’ look. They are designed and manufactured in the USA> The double diamond provides great traction while allowing tool boxes and creepers to roll over it. If you have a ‘working’ garage where creepers and jacks are used all the time we suggest the TrueLock HD Coin.

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