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How to Repair Spalled / Spalling Concrete

tlpatch-in-useSpalled Concrete is typically caused by damage from road salts, moisture and freeze thaw. The early application of a densifier and waterproofer such as TL39 can help to prevent this. Once it has occurred, it is important to go back and patch the floor and prevent further damage.

While typical concrete patch can be affective, it often does not hold up. A better solution is to use a concrete patch kit that is a combination of resins and aggregate. When properly applied this will hold up much better than a vinyl or even gel based concrete repair product.

Simply clean the area well and remove any debris. Then use the concrete patch kit in accordance with the instructions. It will be dry and ready to go in as little as 20 minutes!

Once the product is repaired, you need to determine how to protect the floor from further damage. The new patch will likely be a different color than the original concrete. If this is not objectionable you can proceed with the application of a densifier and waterproofer. If you would prefer to coat the product and have a unified floor with a seamless look, a good garage floor coating would be your best solution.

If there is still a lot of damage and imperfections in the floor, or if everything is not perfectly level after the repair, you might want to consider grinding your floor and purchasing a high build epoxy system. If you are satisfied with the repairs, a product like our Rust Bullet Garage Floor Coating may be an easier and less expensive solution. You can see all of our coating products here.

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