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10 Reasons to Buy Your Floor from GarageFlooringLLC.com Instead of a Warehouse Store or Home Center

10 Reasons to Buy Your Floor from GarageFlooringLLC.com Instead of a Warehouse Store or Home Center

There are a lot of factors that go into purchasing a garage floor, and price is certainly one of them. We understand that 100% and that is why we offer our lowest delivered price guarantee. Regardless of where you buy your garage floor, it is going to be an investment. Purchasing your garage floor from a warehouse store or home center may just leave you with a sour taste and a lot of wasted money. Here are 10 Reasons to Buy Your Floor from GarageFlooringLLC.com Instead of a Warehouse Store or Home Center:

  1. Free Samples: It is extremely important to see the product before you make a purchase. We provide free samples of the BLT G-Floor garage floor mats and two FULL SIZED samples of most garage floor tiles.
  2. No Hidden Fees: We were on a major retailers website yesterday. They advertised free shipping and then at the very last minute added taxes and a $148 shipping surcharge!
  3. Expert Advice:  Before, during and after the sale, you need someone to walk you through the process of selecting, purchasing and installing garage flooring. Selecting the best product for your needs, proper installation methods and dealing with noise are just a couple of examples of questions you wont find answers to at most home centers.
  4. Trained Staff: Garage Flooring is what we do. Our staff are not simply operators standing by to take your order, but experienced individuals with first hand knowledge of the garage flooring industry.
  5. Better Selection: Home Centers often have very limited selection. Much of the time the product is not the same version sold elsewhere, We were in one of those home centers the day after thanksgiving and they had a diamond mat that was substantially thinner than what we sell — but the average homeowner would never know.
  6. Support Small Business: Garage Flooring LLC is located in Grand Junction, CO. Our staff is hired from the local community and our profits are reinvested in the company, not some rich CEOs pockets.
  7. American Made Products: Most of our garage flooring products are Made in the USA!
  8. Your Fellow Customers Have Spoken: A+ from the BBB, 5 Star rating from Shopper Approved, over 10,000 likes on Facebook and tons of testimonials online and major forums such as The Garage Journal
  9. Properly Stored Materials: Our G-Floor garage floor mats are stored flat and shipped rolled so they relax faster. Our epoxy, tiles and coatings products are matched dye lots.
  10. Service: You simply will not find the level of service we provide anywhere else in the industry. It is what has propelled us to the top of the industry and why we move millions of dollars in garage flooring each and every year.

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