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Best Top Coat for Epoxy Floors By State

What is the best top coat you can buy? Lets break it down by state! We get dozens of calls every day asking why we offer so many different top coats and what the ‘best’ top coat for an epoxy flooring system is. What many people don’t understand is that with rapidly changing VOC laws (volatile organic compound) , the best top coat is often contingent on where you live — and what category the coating falls under. To cover ourselves from a legal perspective, we do have to tell you that this information is provided ‘as is’ and is believed to be accurate as of the time of publication, but you should always consult local authorities.


Best Top Coat by State

What it Means for You

First, it is important to understand that at the present time, ALL Rust Bullet Products can be sold into and installed in all states. This includes the clear which can be used as a top coat for other systems. Typically though, for epoxy systems, many consumers need an aliphatic urethane or a clear epoxy. So break this down by state color.

Blue or Gray States: TL321 is our highest performance aliphatic urethane and it meets the requirements for use in these states.

Green, Light Purple, Dark Purple and Light Green States: Because of VOC restrictions, your best option is our TL322. This is still a high performance aliphatic urethane

Most of California:
California has some of the strongest VOC regulations in the country. 100% solids epoxy and top coat or 100% solids epoxy and Rust Bullet Clear or a full Rust Bullet system are really your only options.

South Coast AQMD (Parts of California): If you live in CA you should check and see if you fall under the South Coast AQMD. If you do their are special restrictions. At present we will not ship most epoxy products into this market or most urethane top coats. We will ship Rust Bullet.

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