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Cart T Garage Floor Tile Review

Product Review: Garage Flooring LLC, Garage Floor Tiles

Carl T shares his before and after pictures as well as his experience with our TrueLock HD Diamond garage floor tiles.

Carl T Plastic Garage Floor TIleI purchased my garage floor from Garage Flooring LLC, in July 2015. I needed over 500 sq ft and finished two edges of the floor with the 3”x 12” edge details.

I did some comparative shopping for tiles before deciding on GF LLC’s product. It offered the best value for this type of floor. Color selection was more than adequate, I selected the Graphite and Alloy tiles with enough Orange tiles to do a border around the floor.

I would recommend ordering some extra pieces of each for spares, the extra cost is worth the peace of mind.

The tiles come packaged with 48 tiles per box weighing in at 40 lbs per box. My order arrived by truck and was palletized, the delivery driver brought them right into the garage.

I decided to seal my concrete using TrueLock B4, as it is 10 years old and I wanted to minimize dust. It’s not much work and good insurance.

In starting off on installation I decided which two sides of the floor would show the most and worked from those two sides. I placed the edge details down early to be sure the ended where I wanted them to. Installation went smoothly, at first I tried to interlock the tiles by pounding them down with my hand. That got old quick. The best way for me was to use a WHITE!, Rubber mallet. If your mallet has two rubber ends, use the white end. The black end of my mallet left marks but they wiped off easily with alcohol swabs. Using the mallet makes things move fast. I installed 522 tiles in one day. A light tap is all that is needed, and start at the end of the tile. EDITOR’s NOTE: We suggest stepping on tiles are using your feet to engage them. This is especially true when it is cold out.

The molding quality is excellent, I had zero trouble with the interlocking feature, and the tiles are perfectly flat, no warping.

I really like the design of the tile, the underside of the tile consists of a full depth grid pattern about a half inch square. This gives the tiles excellent compressive strength. I’m parking 2 Harleys on it and one is almost 800 lbs. Most important, the kickstand doesn’t leave a mark. For the long run I’ll use a kickstand pad.

I’ve cleaned the floor several times, using a mild detergent and a sponge mop, looks like new when it dries.

I used commercial carpet in the lounge part of my garage and the tile edge details worked great in this application. I simply placed the edge of the carpet under the 3×12 edge tile taped the carpet to the concrete and got a real clean transition between the two floors. Because my garage floor is out of square, I needed to cut some tiles to fit. I used a standard miter say but used a 80 tooth blade. Don’t let the tile move while cutting, and where your safety glasses. I had some flashing on the edge of the cut from heat but it rolls off by rubbing it with your finger.

In summary, service was great, the tile is well designed, and installation is easy. When my project was finished it looked great. Friends that have seen it, are amazed that I put it in myself. Did I mention installation was easy.

Carl T
St. Louis, Missouri

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