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Kyle Garage Floor Epoxy Review

Kyle’s Garage Floor Epoxy Review & Photos

DSC00762This was my first epoxy project. I have never done it before and it wasn’t too bad. I spent right at about 4hrs grinding with the HD clarke grinder.

When it comes to garage floor epoxy reviews and polyurea coating reviews, most of them are pretty bland. While Polyurea is not an epoxy floor coating it is a great way to coat a concrete floor. Kyle did a phenomenal job of writing a very complete and detailed review on what it takes to coat a concrete floor. Epoxy floors and epoxy coating may have different techniques and tricks, so keep that in mind when reading. If you are looking to epoxy coat your floor, we have a full line of garage floor epoxy as well.

I learned a few things along the way.

1) Get spike shoes. Some parts of the epoxy went on a little thicker and I have a few roller marks. Most people won’t notice them but I’m a little OCD about things. I feel like I could have evened out the epoxy a little better if i had been able to walk over it again after standing back and noticing a few high spots.

2) Flakes and spike shoes. Justin recommended the right amount of flake. I got more than he suggested and ended up not needing it. Do the flakes yourself. I had the help of a few friends and they aren’t as particular as I am about the even distribution. I’m extremely grateful for their help but if I had been able to walk over it I would have had more time for even distribution after epoxy. instead of epoxy a small section, flake, then repeat. You can always add more flake, but you can’t pick it up once it hits the epoxy.

3) Dust shrouds. I made one out of a rubber maid bin for the large grinder. It didn’t help my vacuum suck up everything but it help the dust settle instead of flying up for me to breathe in.

4) I needed 4 vacuum bags. the hand grinder produces A LOT more dust than the clarke.

Primer. Went on easy. I didn’t fill a lot of the really shallow holes and was hoping the primer would fill them. the primer didn’t but the epoxy did.

Epoxy: I was able to fill all the shallow pits in my floor. I wish I had spike shoes for this section to even out the epoxy. There was plenty of coverage just some roller marks and high spots that I can notice.

Sealer: Wear a mask. The chemicals in the sealer are really strong. I would also go as far as to tape the threshold from the garage to your house. I could smell it all over my house the first night. I left the garage door closed for 2 days then started leaving it open if I was home. I didn’t put anything on the floor for about 12days.

All in all I’m extremely happy with the outcome and Justin’s fast responses to all my emails were extremely helpful. You’ll notice that I didn’t coat the stem wall. I didn’t want to hand grind the vertical portions of the stem wall. They are covered in a cosmetic concrete layer. I do plan on covering them but am waiting to decide how i want to. Might actually trim it out. Most of the walls will be covered with shelving and tool storage.

If you have any questions that you would like me to answer please let me know.


Products Used:

Kyle used our high solids epoxy to create a random broadcast floor. Below are the links to the products he used.

High Solids Garage Floor Epoxy
TL015 Water Based Epoxy Primer
B-411 1/8″ Flake (10 Pounds)
TL321 Aliphatic Urethane Top Coat

All reviews, epoxy floor reviews in particular are subjective. What works for one customer may not work for you. if you have any questions about the content in this testimonial or any epoxy coat reviews, we always welcome you to give us a call.

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