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Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Concrete Against Winter Weather

Concrete is expensive. Protecting it does not have to be. We will show you the top three ways to protect your concrete. A densifier / waterproofer can be installed in the average two-car garage for under $100. From garage floors to sidewalks and driveways, this article will give you a basic idea of how to protect your concrete.

Densifier & Waterproofer

9500-beadOne of the most popular and inexpensive ways to protect a garage floor or exterior concrete against damage from winter weather, road salts and freeze-thaw is the use of a quality densifier and waterproofer. This can be done in an all in one application with products like TL39 or by using a combination of products such as TL37 and Ghostshield 8500. The densifier permanently changes the concrete by strengthening it and filling in the pores. The waterproofing agent, typically a Silane and Siloxane combination works to repel moisture. For garages, some of our customers prefer to use TL37 densifier combined with Ghostshield 8505 as it has specific fluorocarbons that are engineered to repel automotive fluids such as oil. Rating: Inexpensive to Moderate & Very Easy

Containment Mat

A containment mat is typically a PVC or PVC impregnated mat with edges to help contain moisture, snow, dirt and debris. They are an awesome way to keep snow from melting all over your floor and they can easily be stored away for the summer. We offer the TruContain one-piece containment mat as well as the Park Smart Clean Park products. Many customers still protect the concrete itself, by using a product like TrueLock B4 Rating: Inexpensive but varies & Very Easy

Garage Floor Coating

A full garage floor coating system is a very effective way to protect the concrete inside your garage. New products such as Rust Bullet for Concrete have made it possible to have a simple, affordable and easy to install garage floor coating. Traditional epoxy products also present a very viable option for those who are willing to acid etch or grind their floor. Coatings provide a barrier layer that prevents fluids from entering the concrete, therefore resolving the issue. Rating: Affordable to Expensive & Easy to Moderate Difficulty

BONUS METHOD: Flow Through Tiles

We consider this a BONUS because it is not a way to protect your concrete, but is a great way to protect yourself from slipping– while having a beautiful garage floor. Using a ribbed garage floor tile will allow moisture to penetrate while still leaving you and easy to clean surface that is dry and safe to walk on. We would still suggest the use of TrueLock B4 if the floor has never been coated. Rating: Expensive & Easy

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