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What is a Containment Mat & Why do I Need One?

snow-covered-car-900I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this story would not end well for most of us. Especially the poor husband who parked that car in the garage! Granted, this might be a really bad photoshopped image, for the purpose of making a point; but let me tell you, the real deal is even worse! There are alternatives to a containment mat. Say for example, a very comfortable couch! 🙂

What is a Containment Mat?

A containment mat is typically an impermeable membrane (big words that mean water does not go through it) with edging all the way around. They were designed to allow you to park your car on them and keep all the melting snow, automotive fluids and anything else you might drag in, from going all over your garage floor. While there are several types of containment mats on the market, we have found that this time of year, the TruContain® is the only way to go. Why? Well, if you are silly enough to pull your snow covered car into the garage you are probably not the best at following directions or lack the time to do so. The TruContain® just unwraps and unfolds, no assembly required.

Why do I Need a Containment Mat?

click-here-300-104Well, if you are not married, or if you are looking for a more scientific reason, the answer is actually relatively simple. When you bring snow into your garage, it melts and it soaks into your concrete. It takes the road salts and other contaminants with it. If your garage gets cold at night, that water then freezes, becoming a disaster for anyone walking on the floor and destroying your concrete.

How Hard is it To Do?

Your wife’s assistance may be required.

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