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Fat Bike Storage from SteadyRack Fat Rack

Fat Bikes are taking the mountain biking industry by storm. I was biking in Loma Colorado last Sunday in 50+ degree weather and people were out on their fat bikes — with no snow to be found. That said, winter is gone and many mountain bikers are going to be looking for a decent way to store their fat bikes for the winter. SteadyRack Fat Rack is now in stock and shipping. It allows you to effortlessly store your fat bike in the garage. Unlike traditional storage options, you do not need to lift the bike off the ground to store it. Just wheel it to the rack on the back tire and pop it up. SteadyRack Fat Rack Bike Storage

The awesome part about SteadyRack Bike storage is you can store a lot of different bikes in a very small space. We have 5 bikes, about 16″ apart in our garage. You can mount their fat rack next to the original SteadyRack and create the perfect space for all your bikes. Even better, a special rack for those of us who have fenders is coming soon! For more information on SteadyRack Bike Storage Click Here

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SteadyRack Fat Tire Bicycle Storage

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