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Before & After Garage Flooring

Another Great Garage Floor Tile Project

Garage Flooring LLC Garage Floor Tile Project

Another Great garage flooring tile project!

Our TrueLock HD Ribbed product is one of our most popular garage floor tiles. Instead of rambling about how you can create the perfect man cave in under a day, we thought we would just share some pictures of one of our recent projects.

This is the garage floor before the installation of garage floor tiles:

Before HD Ribbed Garage Floor TIles

This is what delivery looks like on larger orders:

Delivery of garage floor tiles

This is the project at the start:

starting install of garage floor tiles

OK here is a sneak peak at the finished project:
Garage Flooring -- TrueLock HD RIbbed Tiles

Here is a look at the installation of the edging:

garage floor tile edges at garage door track

Lots of cuts so the customer used a table saw with a laminate blade instead of a circular saw:

Cutting garage floor tiles

Getting Close — saved the cuts until the end:
Almost done with garage floor tiles

Here are the garage floor tiles at leading up to the edging:

garage floor tiles at garage track

The progress on the mancave continues:

Man cave In Progress

How do you like this garage floor? :
after garage floor tiles -- Straight shot

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