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Containment Mats for Mud & Grime

Containment Mats Perfect for Muddy TIres So you left the kids at home for the weekend and went off roading. Spent a little more money than you should of and maybe you even added a ding or a dent to that 4WD vehicle of yours. Your wife is probably not going to be to happy as it is and now you are going to pull that muddy beast of a truck into the garage? Yeah, I’m sure you hosed it off, just like last time, but we both know what is going to happen! Containment Mats from TruContain® have been incredibly popular during harsh winter months. Now they are a new favorite for the springtime mess!

The TruContain containment mat came from the trucking industry and it is tough enough to handle your worst off road mess. The PVC impregnated mat with edges well over 1″ tall, keeps all the mud and mess of the garage floor and might even keep your wife off your case! The are available in standard lengths ranging from 16′ to 20′ and custom products are available as well. So before you get yourself in trouble this spring and summer, protect your garage floor from the junk your dragging in!

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