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Rubber Bike Shop Flooring

Rubber flooring is not great for use as a garage floor when vehicles are going to be driven on it, but it is ideal for exercise flooring, fitness flooring and makes great flooring for bike shops and other applications where you need a tough floor, but a floor with some forgiveness. The floor being show here is a being installed in a professional bicycle mechanic area. The bike mechanic was complaining of fatigue from standing on concrete consistently. This gave us an opportunity to test the product for this application. I visited with them this last Saturday and they LOVE it.

Rubber Bike Shop Flooring

Rubber Flooring

The product can quickly cover smaller areas using interlocking rubber tiles. for larger projects, 4′ rolls can be glued down over concrete. Many of our customer prefer the flexibility of a floating tile floor. If there is concern about movement and permanence then they will switch to the glued down product.

There are places that a rubber flooring product is not suggested. It is not good for automotive traffic. Also if there is consistently large amounts of uncleaned fluids being spilled, we would suggest an alternate product. Check out the update and additional photos here

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