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Dudley’s All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Project with Lift

Products Used:

All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

3 Gallons AWF Gray Polyurea
2 Gallons AWF Clear Polyurea
5# B310 Flake
2 1.6# containers Anti Skid

Unedited Feedback from Customer about Installation of Polyura Garage Floor Coating Process

Dudley W, Virginia
GarageFlooringLLC, All Weather Floors (AWF) Application
Garage Slab is 29ft x 18ft.
Concrete 8” slab at 3500psi, troweled finish.

Preparation and Application of the AWF product was fairly straight forward. This was the first time I had ever coated a garage floor and was very impressed with the result achieved.
Starting with a nine month old concrete garage floor, I elected to etch the concrete instead of grinding.

Concrete Prep:

I used an electric sander and ground down any contaminates on the concrete such as drywall compound and old paint marks. Then I followed up with Sherwin Williams H&C Etch solution at full strength. Accommodating a newly installed automotive lift, I plastic wrapped the lift and masked the already epoxied concrete walls.

Application of Coating:

I poured the three gallons of clear along with the gray pigment into a 5 gallon drum and used a drill powered stirrer. Using a 3” chip brush, I painted around the edge of the walls and the lift. I tried working with ¼ of the garage at a time by applying the coating with a 3/8” roller. Application was very easy and I can feel the thickness of the coating when applying.
The fumes from the Polyurethane were very strong (possibly caustic?), so I used a chemical rated gas mask while working on the coating application.

My original plan was to do ¼ of the garage and then broadcast the chips. However, I found that I ended up putting down too much chips and some of the chips landed on unfinished concrete and had to be vacuumed up before continuing. Since I had a set of spikes, I decided to complete the remainder of the garage before applying the chips.

It took me approximately 3 hours to put down the base coat. I waited 6 hours before starting to do the top coat. I used a ½ container of anti-skid for each gallon of clear on the top coat. The top coat went fairly smoothly and I was able to complete that in less than 2 hours.

Even after 6 hours, the coating was fairly soft and certain rubber soled shoes would leave a footprint shadow that became permanent after applying the top coat. I found that a pair of rubber boots worked better and did not leave any visible marks.

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