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Jeff’s AWF Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Gray B310 Flake More photos below text.

Thanks for your help through this process. Here is what we did, and my (albeit inexperienced) thoughts:

• Light shot-blast followed by a grind
• Removed all dust

• 1 coat base color (3 gallons plus the pigment covered/837 sq ft)
• 7 lbs flake
• 1 coat clear (just under 3 gallons used, mixed with 24 oz anti skid)
• Cut in all edges, then rolled with 3/8″ roller
• 6 hours between coats
• Very easy to put down
• Phenomenal self leveling
• Never felt rushed to keep a “wet edge”

• I can’t imagine anything else is easier to put down than this
• Looks fantastic- high gloss, doesn’t seem slippery

Anything else you’d like feedback on?

(1) Do you feel we adequately represented coverage?
– Yes. Based on the prep I had done, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough, but I got 240 sq. ft/gallon. color, and 280 sq. ft/gallon for the top coat

(2) Would you do anything different?
I made a couple mistakes with distributing the flake, but that’s my fault, not the product.

(3) How was the packaging and how did the material arrive? Were the cans in good shape?
– All materials arrived well-packed and safe. There were a couple dents in the bottom of 2 cans, but nothing that looked too beat up

(4) How long did each coat take you?
Base color coat took 3 hours, top clear coat took 90 minutes . Part of this is because we were inexperienced.

(5) Was one coat sufficient over a substrate that has been shot blasted and grinded?
– Yes – especially since we ended up under the baseline coverage estimates

(6) Was one coat of clear sufficient?
– yes. My only hesitation is that it’s SO clear that it’s hard to see where you’re putting it, but we used equivalent quantities, so I know it’s there.

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