All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Instructions

All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Instructions

All Weather Floors 2K Polyurea Installation Guidelines

Follow all safety precautions listed on can. Work in well ventilated area. Where a NIOSH approved respirator, pants, long sleeves and gloves. Turn off any pilot lights and make sure no open flames are present during application.

Roller Suggestion:

Midwest Rake 9” 48203 3/8” roller or 18” 48209 3/8” Roller. Change rollers every coat and every 400-500 square feet. Available on our Polyurea page


As with all coating guidelines, these steps are not meant to substitute for common sense and actual field experience. It is not possible to discuss every situation. Please contact your distributor if you have additional questions.

Product Estimation:

We suggest estimating based on 225 and 250 square feet per gallon. Actual coverage, especially on subsequent coats, may be as high as 300 square feet / gallons. We suggest a minimum of two coats, including the clear coat. All installations must have at least one coat of clear. Lighter colors such as white, and porous or damaged concrete may require an extra color coat.
We suggest two color coats and two clear coats for high use commercial, industrial and shop environments.
Random broadcast flake projects require between ¼ to 1 pound of flake per 100 square feet. For full broadcast floors divide the total square footage by 5 for DIY applicators or 6 for professional applicators. A minimum of 2 coats of clear is required over a full broadcast floor.
We suggest ½ to 1 pound of our anti-wear anti-skid per in the final coat. For simplicity, use half of a container (approx. .8 pounds) per gallon.


Shelf life defines the total amount of time a product can sit on the shelf. This includes time spent in transit, time at the plant and time at distribution. We highly suggest ordering this product and using within 60 days of receipt. Store in temperature controlled environment in a well-sealed container. Do not allow to freeze.
Moisture Testing
A moisture test is an important step with an coating. A plastic sheet test can be effective, for warranty purposes, a calcium chloride test with results under 3 is suggested.

Clean Your Surface

It is important that your concrete be free from oils, dirt, dust and other contaminants . We suggest All Weather Floors Industrial Cleaner. More stubborn oil stains may need to be removed using oil specific products.

Prep Your Surface

Acid Etch, Acid Stain (for clear), diamond grinding or shot blasting shall provide sufficient profile for proper adhesion. Desired surface profile is between CSP1 and CSP2. If acid etching make sure you neutralize acid and allow floor to dry. If mechanical means is necessary, clean all dust.


A primer is always a good idea, but not required with this system. If a primer is desired, simply use an extra coat of our AWF 2K Polyurea. This is especially important with damaged or porous floors or in situations where the coating being applied is lighter in color than the original concrete. Please follow product application guidelines below.

Product Application

In order to accomplish a consistent color coat, it is important to mix all tinted material necessary per coat at one time, preferably in a single container. Typically this is accomplished by using a 5-gallon pail to combine all material (for a single coat). Mix product using a drill mixer set to low. Do not incorporate air into the mixture.
Using a paint tray, wet your roller. Roll product on in small manageable areas and apply flake immediately. Do not allow product to start to dry. Flake is only installed in the final color coat. Use a solvent resistant chip brush to apply product to any areas you cannot reach with a roller. DO NOT APPLY PRODUCT TO THICK OR YOU WILL HAVE SOLVENT BUBBLING THAT WILL SHOW.

Allow 2-6 hours between coats of color or between color coat and clear coat. Again, please note, flake instructions should only be followed in your last coat of color.
Repeat if necessary.

Clear Coat

Prior to installing clear it is important to lightly scrape and remove any lose or angular flake. In a DIY application, this can be accomplished using the floor attachment of a shop vac. It is often best to cover the edges of the floor attachment with duct tape. A scraper can also be used with caution.
Mix clear. If this is your final coat of clear, mix in the anti-skid. This coat will be installed using two rollers. The first roller will be used just like the color coat. Using a paint tray, wet your roller. Because the clear is harder to see, we suggest indirect lighting and working in sections. Once you apply the clear to a section, roll over the section with the other (dry) roller. Do not apply and pressure to the dry roller. DO NOT APPLY PRODUCT TO THICK OR YOU WILL HAVE SOLVENT BUBBLING THAT WILL SHOW.

We suggest waiting 3 full days at 70 degrees before driving on your floor. Light traffic after 36 hours.

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