Best Garage Flooring Products of 2017

Best Garage Flooring Products of 2017

Our Favorite Garage Flooring Products of 2017

Garage flooring products are always improving and always changing. One thing that has not changed is there is no such thing as the ‘best garage flooring’ product but there absolutely is a best choice for your garage floor! That said, without question we still have favorites and we thought we would share them with you by category. Please remember that we offer free samples of garage floor mats and garage floor tiles. We always recommend having a look at these samples before placing an order.

Lets go through each of the categories and have a look at our favorites.

Containment Mats

containment mat

The TruContain® Containment Mat has been an absolute game changer in the industry. It is probably one of the few areas where we can say 9 times out of 10 this is truly best in category for almost every customer — the exception is our customers that use studded tires. The TruContain® containment mat has revolutionized the containment mat business. First, it is constructed in an attractive gray color. Second, it requires no assembly. Third it is very affordable and significantly heavier than our number 1 competitor. We are clearing out the other one-piece containment mats we offer and the TruContain® series will be the only, no-assembly garage floor containment mat we offer. Right now is the end of the season and we have some awesome sale prices, so pick one up today. Remember, this is a game changer over last year and represents a major change in our suggested product.

Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings is another area of major change. Unlike containment mats, we are not able to make a single, one size fits all suggestion. But what is our favorite garage floor coating? This is another change over last year! The introduction of the All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating System is turning heads.

Rust Bullet is still an awesome alternative to garage floor epoxy and it is still the only coating we offer that does not always require etching or grinding. That said, the new polyurea product offers an unlimited pot life, a greater selection of colors, easier roll-on application and a final finish that is second to none. Like Rust Bullet it can be used alone or with flake. Typically it only requires a single coat of color and a single coat of clear. For damaged concrete, a good 100% solids garage floor epoxy system is still highly recommended.

Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles are quickly becoming one of our preferred garage flooring options. SO much so that when Justin Krauss, one of our founders, purchased a new home he actually ordered garage floor tiles for his detached garage. While Justin is still a huge fan of G-Floor garage floor mats, he found incredible quality and flexibility in the garage floor tiles and decided to go that route for 2017. While he used RaceDeck in his own garage, is is quick to point out that TrueLock HD, especially in the ribbed pattern, is perhaps the best overall value in garage flooring today. The original TrueLock tile is still under $2 and Made in America.

So which tile is best for you? Our favorite is the TrueLock HD Ribbed but we suggest you watch the following Facebook Livestream Archive:

Introduction and Differences Between Garage Floor Tiles #GarageFlooring #GarageFloorTiles

Posted by Garage Flooring LLC on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Garage Floor Mats — Roll Out Garage Flooring

When it comes to roll out PVC flooring, also known as garage floor mats, there is simply no comparison to G-Floor from Better Life Technology. It is made in the USA and stored flat until the time you place your order. Once your order is placed it is rolled on a core and shipped. This allows your mat to relax quickly. G-Floor products tend to lay flatter and installer nicer than the imported products.

Withing the G-Floor line are several patterns and grades. Our favorite continues to be the small coin garage floor mat for several reasons. It is an American Made product from Better Life Technology. The small coins are close together making it both comfortable to walk and and easy to work on. Creepers and toolboxes roll with ease.

While small coin is technically thinner than commercial products, it has a lot of pattern. Areas with pattern are thicker than areas without, so in our opinion you get much more material for your money. Last, the small coin garage floor mats have a great texture that enhances traction. While any floor can be slick when wet, and caution should always be used, we find the small coin mats provide the best traction.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 800-956-4301, chat with us online and check back on our blog for more live broadcasts and archives to get your garage flooring questions answered!

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