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Small Coin Garage Floor Mats — 5 Star Review

Frank used the G-Floor Small Coin Garage Floor Mats — The same ones Justin Krauss used in his home. We offer a full selection of garage floor mats in coin, diamond, ribbed, levant and small coin. But small coin is definitely our favorite. Judging from what Frank writes, we think it is his too!

Thanks, your staff on the phone was professional, answered my questions directly and I appreciated their assistance. Just finished my garage and it looks great, 5 stars for the small coin 8.5 x 24 grey mats, used edge strip on front an center strips to join the three mats. I did the entire job myself (67 years old), I just followed all the instructions on your site and everything worked great. Garage was built in 1965 but after a renovation and finishing the inside the flooring is the cherry on top. I will try to send a photo and you can use this endorsement as you please.

Frank D. From CA

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