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Garage Mats Vs. Containment Mats

A recent review by one of our customers pointed out that there were not aware that a containment mat and a garage mat were two different items. The purpose of this post is to clairify what constitutes a garage mat and what constitutes a containment mat. The question itself is kind of like saying what is the difference between a station-wagon and a vehicle? Clearly a station wagon is a type of vehicle.

containment mat A containment mat is a very specific type of garage mat. Containment mats are designed for the sole purpose of keeping mud, oil, snow and rain off the garage floor. Typically they utilize edges and PVC mats. Vehicles are pulled onto the mat and everything that falls off the vehicle is contained.

The terms garage mat is much more broad. Roll out flooring products such as G-Floor garage floor mats, are one type of garage mat. So is a containment mat though. Additionally, products like the Oil Absorbent Garage mat also qualify as a garage mat.Generally speaking we break garage floor mats into several categories:

  • Parking Pads — Such as the G-Floor PVC garage floor mats
  • Roll Out Garage Flooring — G-Floor, again, is the best example
  • Carpet Mats — Absorbent products that absorb water in small format like Oil-Dri and large format like Oil Absorbent Garage Mats.
  • Containment Mats — Ready to assemble products like Park Smart Clean Park and ready to use products like TruContain®
  • Imaged Mats — Standard or Custom printed PVC flooring that looks like another product.

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