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Mini Cooper With American Flag on Garage Floor Tiles

Custom Painted Mini Cooper On TrueLock Diamond Garage Tile

We love it when our customers send us nice photos of their garage. This one though. WOW. COOL CAR! He used our TrueLock Diamond garage floor tiles

Wow What a Product


I can not say enough great things about your product and service. I ordered my tiles on Monday and they arrived Wednesday afternoon about 3:30. My wife and I (both 74 started installing the tiles that afternoon. We had already cleaned out the garage. The garage is just under 20′ X 20′ and the house is a year old. We did about a fifth of the work on Wednesday and as you can see on the time stamp on the pictures attached we finished about 3:00 PM on Thursday. For some unknown reason the white tiles were harder to install than the black one, but still better once we got the hang of installing.

The attached pictures are the garage after we finished installing the tiles. I put my Mini Cooper in the garage to take some additional pictures. You will notice the American Flag on the roof. It is painted on, not a decal or vinyl. In fact BMW Mini does not sell the American Flag Roofs as an option. I don’t know why because the do sell the British Flag as an option. The Flag was painted by a fellow in Montgomery Alabama (Bo P). He does custom paint and airbrush work for several companies.

Fell free to use any of my pictures or comments on your web site.

I have attached both a word file and a PDF of the pictures.

Thank you again for your quality product and excellent service

James W
Daphne, AL

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