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SteadyRack Confusion — What Rack Is For Me

2.2" tires on steadyrack The mountain bike industry is changing and SteadyRack needs to adapt their nomenclature for the industry. I have three bikes. OK I have more than three bikes, but for the sake of this post, we will talk about three bikes. My Cannondale Rush has relatively narrow WTB Wolverine tires on in. I supposed there was a day where a 2.2″ tire would not be considered all that narrow, but today it is. It fits just fine into the standard Steadyrack.

Truth be told I have not really ridden that bike for some time. My Trigger 29er generaly runs with 2.4 tires up front. I can squeeze them into this rack, but not the way it was intended. My Yeti SB5+ that is due to arrive this week… Fat chance. Well mid-fat chance .

If you are riding a trail bike with narrow tires, the original or classic SteadyRack is going to be fine. For most of us who go out and bike, we really should consider the ‘fat rack.’ Honestly, I think they need to go back and rename the products. But for now, if you run or will run 2.3 or wider tires, for the sake of the SteadyRack you want to go with the fat rack.

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