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SteadyRacks for Mountain Bikes and Fat Bikes

SteadyRacks for Mountain Bikes and Fat Bikes

As previously discussed the Fat Rack version of the Steady Rack bike rack is a much better storage solution that the classic SteadyRack. This is because the fat rack better accommodates 2.3″ tires, mid-fat tires and fat tires. Below is a testimonial from a recent customer
Fat Rack for Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike Storage
I installed the 2 Fat Racks a few days ago and wanted to provide you with my feedback. The installation went very smooth and so far, I am pleased with the product. The Fat Racks are a far better solution than hanging the bikes from hooks or leaning them against the wall.

Attached are a couple of pictures showing my bikes in the racks.

Thanks and take care.


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