Best Selling Garage Floor Containment Mat for Snow Rain and Mud

Best Selling Garage Floor Containment Mat for Snow Rain and Mud

There are a lot of great containment mats on the market, but who has the best selling containment mat? Our biggest competitor claims that they have the best selling product, but the numbers don’t lie. According to TruContain has 3 of the 5 top products overall in its category and two of the top three containment mats — including the best seller! Our competitor is next on the list with one item, but then they don’t show up again until number 3,000+

The answer is simple. According to All Garage Floors, an independent 3rd party garage blogger, TruContain is simply the best containment mat on the market. And they are not the only ones. The comments and reviews from our customers and those in the industry, make it clear that TruContain is the best way to go for snow, water and mud. No matter what season you are driving in, we’ll contain the mess!

best garage floor containment mat

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