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Spring Cleaning – In the Garage

Spring Cleaning- My least favorite time of the year. Spring cleaning ranks slightly above picking up dog poop and slightly below associating with people before 8 a.m. on the ‘things I want to do’ list. Nonetheless, it must be done. The garage, in modern homes, takes up approximately 20-25% a home’s total space. Interestingly enough, the garage is our go-to junk drawer for the home. Get an unwanted gift from your ‘favorite’ family member? Just throw it in the garage!

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of decluttering your garage and turning wasted space into a gym, hang-out area, game room, or parking space, here are a few tips and products to help you out…Because for some of us, the “separate everything you own into three piles” technique just isn’t going to work.


  • Set a Goal


What are you going to do with all of that newly found space? Figuring this out before you start can help provide motivation to finish the project when you’ve hit that point where you’d rather be doing anything else.


  • Turn on your Favorite Music


…And then grab a cup of coffee (you’ll need it)…and then repin some Spring Cleaning pins…and then STOP PROCRASTINATING and PUT THE PHONE DOWN! Not that I ever need to be reminded of this…


We get it- getting rid of the Halloween decorations and gigantic blow-up Santa is out of the question. Overhead storage, which will cost you less than $70 on our site, is great for storing your favorite holiday decorations and other things you only get out once or twice a year. In addition, they take up no floor space. This product’s low cost and almost-instantaneous creation of floor space makes purchasing this product a no-brainer for Project: Declutter the Garage


  • Break the Garage Into Sections



Working in sections, just like you would with one of our floor coatings, makes the project less daunting and more manageable. Plus, you get that ‘accomplished adult’ feeling each time you finish a section.


  • The Three-Year Rule


If you haven’t used it or thought of using it in the past three years…chances are, it’s not worth keeping. Toss it (or recycle), sell it, or donate it.




So you’ve gotten to that point where you have a bunch of ‘little stuff’ – consider getting storage cabinets, or if looking for cheaper options, a slatwall or garage shelves so you can put away the things you want readily available in a place that’s organized and easy to find.


It’s also helpful to group alike items: Place tools in one area, yard equipment in one area, basketballs in another, etc.


  • Get Sports  Equipment off the Ground
    SteadyRack Bike Rack


We are not asking you to to get rid of your beloved bikes, kayaks, or skis because where’s the fun in that?

However, getting your bike off the ground and onto a wall with a SteadyRack or hoisting your skis on to the ceiling creates floor space and show off how outdoorsy you are! 

   After You Are All Done

Congratulations! Eat lots of cookies- you deserve them! Now, you can pick the phone back up- and send us a picture of your ‘Spring Cleaning’ project to Triniti@garageflooringllc.com!


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