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TrueLock HD Extreme Coin Tiles in Ben’s Garage

We just launched the TrueLock HD Extreme Tile and we are already seeing extremely awesome results.

Ben created a phenomenal look for his garage by using a combination of our new TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles and the TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles.

The Truelock HDXT Tiles live up to their “Extreme” namesake in the three most important areas: price, function, and appearance. Settling just isn’t our thing; with over a decade of experience and research in the industry, we created a tile with the same scientific and engineering technology behind the leading tiles in the industry and then combined that with advice from our customers – and we did it at a price our customers can afford.

This new coin tile is lightly textured on the surface of each coin, promoting better traction and a pattern that ‘pops’. The coins are closer together, allowing wheels to roll better across the surface. We didn’t hold back on tile strength either, the tight-knit substructure of the tile holds massive rolling loads without being crushed. With a sale price at $2.69 a tile, we might have just created the perfect garage tile.

Here are some great pictures from Ben’s Garage!

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