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Chatchai’s Polyurea Installation

Chatchai’s Polyurea Testimonial:

This was installed in my new home and it was my first time doing this for a garage floor. I rented a floor cleaner with Diamabrush pad from Home Depot. Thankfully, the associate there installed new brushes for my pad which made the grinding very efficient. It took a few hours learning how to control the cleaner, but it went smoothly. I made a DIY Dust Deputy which cut down on the concrete dust, but there was still a significant amount. Get a respirator and wear eye protection. After vacuuming all the dust up, I was finally ready to get started.

The polyurea kit was easy to prepare and not having to fight the clock really eased my mind. I mixed the gray tint into a 5 gallon bucket with polyurea and mixed it at low speed using a drill attachment mixer. I initially started out rolling the gray base coat using a standard paint tray, but that was much too time consuming. It was far easier to pour out the base coat in strips and simply spread and level it out using the roller. I over estimated my needs so I would have a nice thick coating. My garage is approximately 440 sqft and I purchased the 500 sqft kit. I found this kit is meant to be much thicker/heavier than any regular painting I’ve done with a roller before. I think the hardest part of this was trying to spread the base coat out fast enough to lay down the flakes. I started out in smaller sections and expanded as I was more comfortable working with the material. I let the base coat dry 24 hours before going over it to vacuum up the loose flakes. This was a tedious process to ensure everything was nice and clean again before starting the clear. I wrapped my shopvac attachment with tape and scraped aggressively to remove loose flakes.

I used another 5 gal bucket to mix the clear polyurea with antiskid material. This process involved using a second roller to backroll after spreading the clear out. This is similar to painting and went pretty quick after getting used to working the base coat. I worked from the garage door towards my entry door and eventually clipped on spiked shoes to get the final portions covered. Make sure you have good lighting since the clear is difficult to see straight on.

The overall result is amazing in appearance. The gray color looks great and covers well using only one base tint coat. I know how thick I laid this product down, so I have high hopes for it holding up to my use. The smell produced by polyurea curing/off gassing is intense. It’s overpowering for the first 3 days. Leave the garage door open as much as possible during the day. I left it cracked overnight and open during the day. After 3 days, the smell is much more tolerable. It’s still there but doesn’t knock you out. I highly recommend this kit for its ease of use. I was able to do this by myself taking my time since it doesn’t dry out in the bucket.

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