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Luke’s AWF Water Based Epoxy Flooring

The Details:

The AWF Water Based Epoxy is a simple, no-odor, high-solids, garage floor epoxy. We like the product because with a 4-hour pot life, there is no rush in the application process. Because the product is water based, as opposed to solvent based, it is easy to clean up and does not stink. The AWF Water Based Epoxy makes life simpler with its chemical resistance. Brake Fluid, Motor Oil, or Gasoline is not a problem for this epoxy. The AWF Water Based Epoxy is resistant to most of the common chemicals found in the garage. Additonally, we love this product because it is simple and affordable- but not cheap. This high quality product won’t break the bank, protects your floor, and looks great while doing it.

“I am very pleased with how the floor turned out. It looks great. I’ve reinstalled the base cabinets and the base trim so now it really pops!” – Luke

Before Installation:

During Application of Primer

The AWF Water Based Epoxy with Flakes Final Pictures:

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