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Justin’s Garage Update

I get a lot of questions about how I like my G-Floor that I wrote about a few years ago. It was a great floor for us. But I think it is important to let my readers know that we tried something new when we moved in 2017. One important update, if you have more than one seam, we do not suggest the seam tape.

Based on updated product selection and performance, we decided to go with garage floor tiles in our new home. We are absolutely thrilled with them. My current favorites are the HD Extreme.

So inevitably people ask me why I made the switch. The main reason I made the switch is because as one of the owners of the company, it is important for me to to use all of the different products so I can discuss them with my customers. I also like the garage floor tiles because they do not stain from tires and I have not had any expansion and contraction issues. At this moment in time, if I had to pick a covering for my garage floor i would likely go with the HD Extreme tiles. That said, what I would use will vary considerably based on what I am doing. I have outlined my best garage flooring products in this article.

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