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Paul’s Racedeck Floor

Paul’s Racedeck Floor

Paul installed the Racedeck Diamond Tiles and holy cow does his garage look awesome!

Paul’s Review:

Well, after much garage wall and ceiling renovation, I installed my RACEDECK floor from Garage Floor LLC and it looks MAHvelous (see pictures).
Before installation (nine boxes of RACEDECK floor tiles bursting at the seams to get into position!):
After installation (with edge tiles along the far and right walls yet to be trimmed):
My 2006 Corvette’s first time on the new floor:
The iPhone panoramic pictures distort the images a little bit, but it is easy to see what a great garage upgrade project it was! Installation time was greater than average because I had to break apart each 4×4 tile black tile assembly and each 4×4 white tile assembly (as shipped in the boxes) to re-assemble the tiles to create the black/white alternating pattern I wanted. But it was worth the effort.

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